Operations Proficiency Model: A Path to Success for Educational Institutions was published in August 2013 and is now available on Amazon.com in Paperback and Kindle format.
A Prescription for SMART Growth for Small to Mid-Size Businesses was published in January 2013 and is now available on Amazon.com.
The IT Leadership Pyramid is a model to encapulate the imperatives and leadership dimensions that CIOs and Information Technology (IT) Leaders must embrace to be successful in leading their organizations in the 21st Century.
Feedback from Information Technology professionals:
"The IT Leadership Pyramid frames the core functions of today’s IT organization in an innovative and compelling way. IT leaders with broad responsibilities will benefit from a framework that boils down the dimensions of leadership to ten key organizational functions. Having a firm grasp on the Leadership Pyramid will help IT leaders be more effective by leveraging an understanding of how the critical IT functions relate and build upon one another. At the pinnacle is Enterprise Leadership in which the IT leader contributes a unique and high value perspective to the business on “doing the right things” strategically. At its core, The IT Leadership Pyramid lays a foundation, asks the hard questions, and sets the challenge that IT leaders face in scaling the heights of opportunity available today for contributing to the success of their enterprise."
Merl Ferguson, Enterprise IT Architect
My article titled "Digital Media Guidelines for Tech Transfer Offices", was recently published on Fuentek's In-Depth Insights website.
I published an article, "Disciplined use of an IP management database enhances marketing efforts", in the Intellectual Property Marketing Advisor, November 2009 Issue on utilizing IP management database software for marketing Intellectual Property.

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